My 7 Day Health Challenge: Day 4

meMy taste buds had a pleasant surprise with today’s options. Lots of bananas and lots of milk. Normally, I’m a dairy fanatic – yogurt, milk, cheese – you name it. This week has been difficult cutting back on my favorites. And I’m not sure I can take another helping of veggie soup.

I’m shocked I’ve made it this far. Honestly, I’ve thought about quitting every day. But I am determined to finish what I started. Whether is my genes or stubborn character, I never quit.

The detox results of this is amazing. My skin is clear, my hair and nails are growing crazy fast. My decisions to follow this strict no mercy meal plan wasn’t to shed an insane amount of pounds. Without a balanced diet, there is no way to obtain long-lasting results this way. However, forcing myself to choose food options wisely is exactly what I needed.

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