Flexibility 101: Scorpion

Ever see those amazing yoga pose photos on Pinterest and Instagram and ask yourself, is that even humanely possible? Well, yes, yes it is. After lots of practice, stretching and building your muscles, you’ll achieve this super impressive pose. As I’m building to ascertain a social worthy photo as well, I’ll be providing simple tricks on how you can get there.

Let’s start with the Scorpion and the several variations.

scorpion fore arms


scorpion handstand


scorpion headstand.


Whatever level you’re attempting to achieve, you can use a wall to practice and build back flexibility and core strength.

scorpionBegin an arms lengthy away from the wall.

Kick up to the wall to either a hand stand or head stand.

Slowly lower you feet toward you head, toes point downward. Go as far as you can without injuring yourself.

Now keep practicing and you’ll see the progression!

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