5 Things I’ve Learned in My first Month as Mrs. Z

12823266_1127410740626763_260828757629430408_oAlthough it may sound cliché, I’m proud to celebrate my 30 day anniversary as Mrs. Z. It’s even more awesome than I expected. There’s always someone to laugh at my lame jokes. There’s someone who loves (almost) everything that I make. And there’s finally a real reason for me to keep my room clean (sorry mom).

In honor of this prestigious accomplishment, I’ve compiled a list of five things I’ve learned this month.


There is no dramatic transformation

Almost all of my friends are unmarried and dying to know what’s it’s like to be what I call – a real adult. Honestly, I feel pretty much the same. I didn’t go to sleep on my wedding night and wake up the next morning a different person. My husband (which still sounds foreign to say) and I are still the same goofy couple dedicated to spending our days making each other laugh.

We are Team Z

The strangest transition, aside from my new name, is filtering everything through another human being. It’s not the same as getting permission from my parents. It’s making decisions together and being happy about hearing each others opinion. Don’t get me wrong, Alex and I don’t agree on everything. But, I let him lead and trust that our overall decision is in the best interest for Team Z.

I still mess up my new name

I was so excited to run down to the Social Security office when we got back in town to make my name change official. I loved my family name, but there was no way I was adding a hyphen and maintaining a 20 letter last name. I’ve only had to sign my new  name a few times and boy was that strange. Still, it’s ridiculously exciting to be announced by my married name and no longer just Bree and Alex.

EVERYONE asks about kids

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to have mini-versions of me and Alex running around. But, I’m only 24 and I can wait. I want to enjoy learning how to be married and devoting my time to my husband first. For someone who’s never shared even a bedroom with a sibling, sharing a life with another person is a whole new adventure.

I got my free time back

I never realized how much of my day and thoughts were dedicated to planning my wedding. Almost everyday I would come home and have crafting to do, make some decision on color or just organize the current items in my room. I now find myself able to get back to easy fun routines like walking my dog and working out. The best part is – I get to share all of this extra time with my husband.

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