Tea Party Anyone?

If you are as much as an avid tea drink like me, finding the right tea is imperative. Here are a couple of my favorites and why they’re just what you’re looking for.

Green tea:  Chock full of antioxidants, keep positive, lose weight and feed your brain. So drink up!

Black tea: Need a morning pick-me-up? Black Tea has the highest caffeine content in the tea world. It is also helps lower the risk of stroke and heart disease.

White Tea:  Boost your cardiovascular health and oral health with a smile, get healthy glowing skin, and fight the big C!

Oolong: This super hero of teas contains antioxidant super powers to fight negatives and lowers cholesterol levels.

Peppermint Tea: Got a stomach ache? The menthol in this tea helps to relax the muscles and aids digestion as well as help fight off anxiety and stress.

You can find these teas in your local super market or at my favorite place, Teavana.

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