30 Days of Creativity: Day 22 – Be Water

In reflection to this process, I can feel  myself fighting writers block and attempting to stay focused on letting my words flow. It’s hard to be dedicated to something and not allow your inner lazy self to win. But here I am “feeling 22” and hoping to offer some fraction of inspiration.
grand canyonToday’s prompts:

  • In my journal writing, I can be like water by…
  • In my creative work, I can be turn rigidness into flow by…
  • I empty my mind right now of…
  • In my life, I can be like water by…

In my journal writing, I can be like water by flowing from one idea to another. I notice in my writing, especially responding to different questions, I can be all over the place. In one response I will be inspired to talk about a trip I had. Another, I’d rather describe where I am at that moment. Water seems to work the same way. Flowing in and out of spaces effortlessly and without any control. Even through resistance, water seems to find its way through a tight spot.

In my creative work, I can turn rigidness into flow by pushing through. The Grand Canyon wasn’t built because water came and went easily. It was built through years of pressure upon the rocks. This pressure molded and formed the beautiful place we know today. Through my work, I should follow this same pattern. When I feel pinned against a wall with no way out, I have to remember that what’s changing and transforming isn’t what I see on the outside. Like the caves beneath the water that once ran through the canyon, below the surface, a master piece is being built.

I empty my mind right now of everything that tells me I will fail. I empty my mind of negative energy and unproductive memories. It’s easy to get caught up in the bad moments. For some reason, those are the times that seem the most vivid. These “scary stories” are just as the appear, harsh and pointless. They won’t make my future any better but will instead create a road block to stop me from continuing forward. And I have not time or patience for negative memories or thoughts. “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” – Matthew  6:34

In my life, I can be like water by working relentlessly towards my goals. The road to salvation is just as important as the kingdom you’ll be arriving to.

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