30 Days of Creativity: Day 20 – Nothing is Original

On a side note, I have to say, it’s unbelievable that I’ve been able to make it this many days blogging. I’ve always dreamed of writing my own blog and somewhat envied my fellow classmates that succeeded at it. I still hope one day to be writing my own local blog. Hopefully my community involves sandy beaches, blue skies and warm weather.

Today’s prompts

  • My devour-for-inspiration list includes:
  • In what places outside of the art world do you find inspiration? (take a photos of these and paste in your journal)
  • The things that speak directly to my soul include:

My devour-for-inspiration list includes:

  • Murder mystery books (all well equipped with extensive and vivid vocabulary)
  • Local community blogs – varying from my San Diego favorites to middle of no where cities (I’ve got to be prepared for where ever life takes me)
  • Aerial videos and photos

La Jolla3In what places outside of the art world do you find inspiration?Ā I find inspiration all around me. I often find myself day dreaming. I hear a song on the radio and plan an entire routine in my head. Then, I expand to where this would be seen, who would see and how would they feel. Another distraction I find myself observing, usually when driving, is the clarity of the colors in the sky. Although it sounds cheesy, the contrast of the white clouds on the blue skies is breathtaking. I dream one day to be able to capture even a fraction of that beauty. Layer upon layer of color makes up the perfection that I drive and walk under each day. Many times, I don’t even take notice. It’s usually not until I take myself out of my basic routine that I start to notice all of God’s creation. There’s nothing like a trip to a sandy beach or green forest that really makes me realize there’s so much to see out of my own backyard.Mt. Charleston

As I think about these natural inspirations, I can’t help buy replay that song by The Cab “Vegas Skies.” From the moment that song came out, I’ve had an obsession. Every time I return to the city, I have to listen to that song. The lyrics itself talk about a love story and avoiding going back home. It talks about saying goodbye and driving through the darkness to reach the light (aka bright Vegas Skies). Even though these lyrics don’t fit every situation I’ve listened to this song in, it does resonate home. You never really know where you are going until you understand where you have been. And Vegas is not my favorite city and most of the time I want to be anywhere but here. But everything happens for a reason and everything is an experience. So I hold dear to this song, gladly remembering every step that led me to that present moment.

The things that speak directly to my soul include:

  • love stories
  • oceans
  • sacrifices
  • hugs
  • laughter


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