30 Days of Creativity: Day 17 – Everything is My Teacher

Today’s prompts:

  • My teachers today are:
  • I am taking in all of this good:
  • The truth that is right in front of me is…

 The Challenge: Write the above prompt five or ten or twenty in a row, answering as quickly as you can each time.

jkpotluck9My teachers today are 
my coworkers. In the Advertising department, we are comprised of many different occupations. We range from designers to motion graphics to social media to mail to digital media. We can learn everything from each other. Whether it’s our experience or mastery that guides us, we all have a skill to offer each other.

I am taking in all of this good with an open heart and mind. Although many things may not present themselves in helpful manner, there is always a lesson to be learned about the situation.

The truth that is right in front of me is even though school is over, learning never ends. You go through college hoping to find a “trade” for yourself. But in reality, you’ll want to try everything. I for example have explored many areas of media from the front line to behind the scenes and still have many more areas to experience.

family 2My teachers today are 
my family. My family is not limited to blood relation. In the Kingdom of God, the number of brothers and sisters you inherit is endless. But, that’s the best part. You never know who can teach you a thing or two about your own life.

I am taking in all of this good with a determination to never let it fade. Striving to live differently means living for good. And good is a plural term. It’s not limited to personal gain or pleasure but instead calls you to do good for everyone around you; especially those that can’t do good for themselves.

The truth that is right in front of me is the world is a lot larger than I ever predicted. Every corner I turn I’m exposed more and more of life.

sofia and christianMy teachers today are my nieces and nephew. The two youngest at barely a year and a have such an astounding love for life. Everything is new and amazing to them. Their childlike curiosity is something I can always learn from.

I am taking in all of this good and hoping I can make such an impression on others like they have on me. If I can inspire some to love as much as they do just by loving life, I’ve accomplished something amazing.

The truth that is right in front of me is in the middle of the storm, there is beauty all around. As a baby, many things in life seem like a crisis, but as soon someones there to hug you and tell you it’s okay, life is perfect. As a baby, every emotion is fleeting. There’s too many things to miss out on by dwelling on one bad situation.

familyMy teachers today are 
my closest friends. They love me enough to share their mistakes and help lead me on a better path.

I am taking in all of this good from the hearts of my friends and cherishing it. It takes a lot of courage to expose the darkest areas of your life in hopes of helping another person. It takes even more courage to do this without any expectations.

The truth that is right in front of me is selflessness is the most beautiful thing you can be. To cherish another about your own prosperity is breathtaking.

06534c59fa1d0d19e1fe4525d69bc5f8My teachers today are the heroes not one hears about. It’s the silent warriors that risk everything for a fellow human.

I am taking in all of this good and praying I can be a light to someone else. Even in the darkest of areas, I want God’s light to shine.

The truth that is right in front of me is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me,” – John 14:6

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