30 Days of Creativity: Day 12 – Accepting Whatever


Today’s prompts:

  • What stops my creative flow is…
  • I get stuck when…
  • I have trouble accepting…
  • If I centered myself and accepted it, then…

What stops my creative flow is thinking too hard about what I want to create. When I put too much thought into it, my writing comes out strained and not flowing.  From this prompt even I can feel myself trying to connect words together. It’s the feeling of writers block when you believe you have nothing to say.

I get stuck when I want to impress others. I enjoy writing that has metaphors and vivid vocabulary. I strive for this but many times fall short because I am trying too hard. I stare at the same phrase over and over rewriting dozens of times and still not being satisfied. In a way, I can be my biggest critic.

I have trouble accepting the imperfect. This isn’t just limited to writing, this is present in many aspects of life. Did I work out enough? Did I line my eyes dramatic enough? Is my hair straight enough? These are just a few things I am unsatisfied with the imperfect.

If I centered myself and accepted it, then I would be a lot happier. I wouldn’t dwell on the things I didn’t have control over and would accept my “failures” as learning ventures. I’d continue trying, rebuilding and growing from my mistakes.

“Therefore, accept each other just as Christ has accepted you so that God will be given glory.” – Romans 15:7

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