30 Days of Creativity: Day 13 – Keeping the Channel Open



Today’s prompts:

  • Today, I dare to express…
  • I feel energized when…
  • I’m aware that I tend to  hold back, or hesitate when…
  • If I weren’t stopping myself, I would…

Today, I dare to express where I wish my life had taken me. Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe that God leads you in different directions to keep you on the correct path. I didn’t give up my dreams or passions by any means but instead acknowledged reality. I used to dream of twirling on my silks across the stage. Or spinning on a lyra, crafting a breathtaking performance. After seeing my first Cirque show in Seaworld, I grew a love for aerials. And although I’ve trained for several years to master this skill, I know the stage is not where I am meant to be. God has bigger plans for me.

I feel energized after a hardcore workout. I love doing challenging power yoga and boot camp workouts. The purpose of yoga is exhaust your body enough to mediate easily. At first, I didn’t appreciate mediation. But after months of practice, I’ve learned to love it. It helps me to stay focused on what’s going on and find the calm in the storm.

walk by faithI’m aware that I tend to  hold back, or hesitate when my heart races and anxiety rises. I feel the apprehension overwhelming me and freezing me where I stand.

If I weren’t stopping myself, I would be fearless. I’d forget about the unease rising in my throat and take that leap into the unknown.

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