Dogs and Pumpkin

Pet Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and time is limited to find the perfect costume for your dog! The sales have already begun and you need to decide what your pup will wear! Every year, I try to pick a fun outfit that my dogs will actually wear. Since I've had Fiona the longest, she's … Continue reading Pet Halloween Costume Ideas

Get Your DIY on at Corks ‘N Crafts

There's a new DIY player in town, Corks 'N Crafts! Brand new to Downtown Summerlin, Corks 'N Crafts specializes in helping your Pinterest dreams come true. And promises, no Pinterest fails on their watch. I attended Corks N Crafts for a fundraiser for Shade Tree Las Vegas. Dozens of men and woman showed up for … Continue reading Get Your DIY on at Corks ‘N Crafts

Turning into a NARSissist for Beauty

"Beauty Obsessed. Rule Breaker. Image Maker." NARS cosmetics has me hooked from their taglines. I experienced my first makeup and shop tour last week during an Vegas Lifestyle Influencers beauty event at NARS in the Forum Shops. You might have seen my trip on my story - Wonderful World of Bree. The store is small … Continue reading Turning into a NARSissist for Beauty

Homemade Sushi (Yes you can do it too!)

I love sushi. All your can eat is one of my favorite date nights. My husband and I love to go to this tiny restaurant just off the freeway and indulge on occasion. Since being pregnant, I've of course avoided this premium delicacy. But my husband had one request for Valentine's Day, homemade sushi. Now, I … Continue reading Homemade Sushi (Yes you can do it too!)