Best Wedding Registry

985266_awr_traffic-drivers_associate_120x600._V269730029_So 2018 has been the year of weddings. Since March, I’ve attended five weddings and have two more friends just engaged! It’s easy to say, I’ve seen a lot of different registries. Personally, I used Bed Bath and Beyond when I got married, but I might have thought twice about it if I knew that Amazon also offered a wedding registry.

It was cool at first walking through the store and scanning literally everything in sight, but their website was not very user-friendly. I had a hard time changing quantities or whole items. A few of my friends have used Amazon Wedding Registry and I wish I would have done it too.

I already have Amazon Prime and there are a ridiculous amount of items, including gift cards, that I can get for my friends. A few couples didn’t really need house items. So, date night gift cards were perfect for them. And guess who has a huge selection of those? Amazon.

This last couple, whose wedding is in a few weeks, is very outdoorsy. They love to hike and just got back from a summer long trip to Alaska! Amazon Wedding Registry really is the perfect option for them. They weren’t busy picking out China plates they’d probably never use (like I did), but instead have cool items like tents, a hammock and other camping supplies they actually want.

This whole registry/ wish list option Amazon has is pretty awesome. If you’re looking for an all-in-one place to find your items and don’t want the hassle of scanning in the store, definitely head here.

Best Wedding Registry

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