Get Your DIY on at Corks ‘N Crafts

There’s a new DIY player in town, Corks ‘N Crafts! Brand new to Downtown Summerlin, Corks ‘N Crafts specializes in helping your Pinterest dreams come true. And promises, no Pinterest fails on their watch.

DIY Corks and Crafts Shade tree fundraiser event
I attended Corks N Crafts for a fundraiser for Shade Tree Las Vegas. Dozens of men and woman showed up for the event and filled the long wooden tables through the room. From corner to corner, different craft inspirations hung on the wall. In the front of the room, was the coveted bar stocked with popular drinks and wines.

When we first walked in, we were given instructions to find a table, grab an apron and choose a stencil. The craft for the night was a wooden sign. My mom and two other friends joined me for this ladies night out.

We headed over to the art wall and sorted through the piles of stencils. They included kitchen quotes, beer and wine quotes, Vegas Golden Knights logos, inspiration quotes, family quotes and general sports designs. Inspired by the Kendrick Lamar song “Humble, I chose “Work Hard, Stay Humble” for my wood.

Once we grabbed our stencils and headed to our seats, the class began. We started the process with smoothing out the wooden block with a bit of sandpaper. Inside the filled room, wood dust began to rise like smoke in the air. We were preparing the wood to be stained.

POPPED LAS VEGASIn an effort to get out some stress from the week and round out the wooden corners, we were all given hammers to slug our wood with. Sound erupted as everyone pounded out their week’s worth of frustration.

Next, we chose our stains. There were a variety of colors to choose from including: neutrals, pastels and neons. Most of us chose a few colors to intermix into our design – mine were barn red and dark brown. Once back at the table, we got to work rubbing on the stain with a thick cloth. Then, it was time to dry.

A food menu sat on our tables and a server made her way around the room collecting these and filling drink orders. This drying time was one of our first breaks to enjoy some conversation and snacks. I tried some gourmet popped corn from Popped.

After the stain dried, we slowly applied our stencils and chose colors to paint it. For mine, I chose a warm red and chestnut-brown to mix together. I actually ended up adding a pastel purple to make some of the words stand out.

DIY Corks and Crafts Las Vegas art

I loved my experience, and the opportunity to donate to a local cause. I will be coming back very soon.

Corks ‘N Crafts is open daily and offers a variety of classes and events. You can book private events, do drop-ins and host a fundraiser for your nonprofit or company.

Head to their website to checkout what craft they are doing next.

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