Two-Day Juice Cleanse with Pressed Juicery

Juice cleanses seem to be all the rage in the health industry. They’re said to work as a restart button to help your body get over plateaus and get you back into healthy habits. Although I have been doing regular Pilates inspired high intensity training workouts (PIIT28), I stopped noticing changes. I was feeling bloated and my skin was a mess. I thought this was an opportune time for a reset.

Pressed Juicery Cleanse

After doing some research on the best juice cleanses I could find in Las Vegas, I decided on Pressed Juicery. I found some positive reviews and even had a coworker who had used their system, successfully, several times.

Pressed Juicery has created several easy to follow packages for every level of juicer. Since this was my first go ‘round, I stuck to the beginner option. Cleanse 1 has six different custom juices packed full of fruits and veggies. Here’s how my experience went.

Day One

I started my morning with zero caffeine and a bottle of water. For breakfast, I had my first juice – Vanilla Almond. I had to drink this one fast and chase with more water because it was pretty chalky. Two hours later, I drank my second juice – Greens 2. Since this was about lunch time, it was a little hard to resist the delicious Mexican food my husband was indulging in. I made it by keeping myself busy with my son. For the rest of the day, I took another juice every couple of hours.

Citrus 2 was the hardest of them all because it was mainly pineapple. The acid and natural sugar made my stomach turn. Luckily, the juice expert at Pressed Juicery said I could have sliced cucumber or almonds if I really needed something solid. So, I tried a handful of both. I ended my night the tasty Chocolate Almond juice but couldn’t shake a bad migraine. I read that this could be from the detox and helped myself to more water and essential oils to fall asleep.

Day Two

The next morning, I felt amazing! I was feeling light despite not really losing any weight overnight. I headed to work with all my juices in tow. I specifically avoided hanging out in the breakroom to make sure I wasn’t tempted by everyone’s meals. I found myself drinking even more water than the day before and constantly stopping for a pee break. All day long though, I didn’t feel the need for food. I felt energized and able to focus on my work easily.

Dinner time was a little bit of a struggle. I prepared food for my son and my husband. I was so tempted to do a taste test but resisted. I finished my last juice at 7PM and tried to fill up on water. By 8:30PM, I was starving. I snacked on the last cucumbers and almonds I had and was satisfied. I slept great and woke up the next morning feeling even better than the day before.

Overall, this juice cleanse was a very difficult feat for me. The calorie intake for my day was less than 1,000 and my body was freaking out. I didn’t dare workout because I knew I would just be starving if I did. My results aren’t bad though. I lost a pound and the bloating I saw on my stomach has gone away. I’m actually able to see some of my abs! My skin however, is still breaking out. I heard from some other cleansers that acne could be a side effect of all the natural sugars from the fruit. Hopefully my skin returns back to normal by the end of the week.

On the positive side, I do feel like it’s easier to make healthy eating choices. I don’t have cravings, so far, for sugary, processed foods or even dessert. I think these past couple of days have pushed me in the right direction.

Pressed Juicery offers a $30 a day price as part of their special, but also offers memberships if you’re interested. At this point, I can’t really see myself doing another cleanse. That may change in the future. I’ll probably just opt in for an extra juice in the next cleanse to curb my hunger.

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