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10 Pet Holiday Safety Tips

Christmas is around the corner and our house has been bustling with presents and decorations. Every year, I try to transform my house into a winter wonderland. We have red and green all over the walls and stockings just for our dogs too! 

Although I LOVE celebrating Christmas and New Years with my dogs, not every tradition is safe. Here are ten pet holiday tips for happy and healthy pets. 

  1. Pet-Friendly Gifts

Glittery bows and tags may add a twinkle to your presents, but they can pose a serious danger to your pets. My dogs love to play with anything that remotely resembles a toy, including gift tags. This year, I chose smaller, sticker-sized tags that don’t hang from wrapped presents. I’ve also put the busiest packages to the back of the tree where my dogs, and baby, can’t reach them.

2. Christmas décor

Christmas trees are a must need decoration to make the holiday bright. But if you have a cat, be warry of them taking it down. We’ve all seen the YouTube videos of the cats hiding inside the trees. Don’t like your curious kitty spoil the celebration with a trip to the emergency vet! Keep your cats, and dogs, away from the tree and enjoy a silent night.

3. Mew Year’s Eve

If you’re a cat lover, you know all about this pet holiday! Ring in 2019 with your furry besties safely. Remember, sweets and alcohol are not safe for pets. Keep those out of reach as well as streamers and party poppers. If digested, your kitty can have a serious stomach ache and be heading to the ER. 

4. Plants

Getting caught under the mistletoe can be toxic for dogs and cats. Other holiday plant favorites to keep away from your pets are lilies, azaleas, holly and poinsettias. 

5. Christmas dinner

As tempting as it is to feed your begging dog, or cat, most human foods are not safe for pets. Common holiday ingredients to avoid include chocolate, raisins and grapes. Try these pet holiday favorites instead: yogurt, yams and peanut butter.

6. Watch the door.

Friends and family arrive from all over the country to join us for the holidays. It’s easy for your pet to escape with the door constantly opening and closing. Ensure a safe holiday by keeping your pet away from the door in a calm and quiet space. 

7. Try flameless candles.

With all the craziness of Christmas and New Year’s, it’s easy for your pet to get spooked. Instead of burning your traditional candles to set the mood, try a flameless option. I have a set of vanilla, battery-operated candles that have more scent than a wicked candle. You can also use essential oil plugins to add a natural holiday aroma to any room.

8. Protect wires.

Setting up the perfect Christmas display can require multiple strands of lights. These braided wires can distract even the most well-behaved animals. Prevent a shocking surprise by wrapping wires in protective plastic and taping them to the walls. 

9. Gift Wrapping Hazards

As Christmas day inches closer and closer, my house is turning into a wrapping frenzy. To make sure my dogs are safely away from, swallowed pieces, I wrap everything on the counter where the dogs can’t reach. Scissors, ribbons, and bows are very dangerous for any pet. Make sure to keep those safely out of reach.

10. Avoid Small Toys

Santa’s sleigh is bound to bring fun toys for the kids that come in all sizes. These holiday trinkets are not safe for your pets. Keep track of all your little toys especially, Legos, batteries and miniature doll houses. These items can be a serious choking hazard for your pet.

With these simple pet holiday tips, your entire family can enjoy a merry Christmas and a happy new year! 

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