How To: Baby Pumpkin Photos

It’s pumpkin season and you know what that means, baby photos! I’m sure you’ve seen all those beautiful baby in pumpkin photos floating around Pinterest and thought “How do I make my photo look like that?” Well, I tried it for myself and I’ve got some tips on how to get it just right.

baby in pumpkin - Wonderful World of Bree

First, start with a pumpkin that’s tall enough and wide enough for your baby. The perfect size allows them to sit comfortably without feeling squished or lost inside. Since my baby is already a giant, my sister grabbed a pretty large pumpkin.

Next, completely carve the inside out and remove all seeds and stringy pieces. When your baby is inside, they will probably try to eat it or pull pieces off at the least. My son is teething and his first instinct is to put EVERYTHING. in his mouth. My sister carved this one perfectly and no innards were left behind.

Carve two leg holes larger than your baby’s legs. You don’t want your baby to get stuck inside. Mostly likely, you will get one or two good photos before they throw a fit and start crying. Be prepared to remove them quickly.

Baby Pumpkin Photos - Wonderful World of BreeHere’s a trick I wish I would have done. Cut a removal-able panel in the back of the pumpkin so you can easily slide the baby in and out. It’s not easy trying to get a person out of a vegetable and we ended up laying him down just to slide him out.

I would also suggest laying some towels down inside of the pumpkin to protect the baby’s skin. Many babies have sensitive skin and something new may cause them to have reaction. Choose baby towels that you an also use for clean up later.

Leave the baby in their diaper inside the pumpkin. Unless you want your kid’s clothes dyed orange, save the cute outfits for another photo.

Biggest tip of all – snap those photos quickly. Plan your lighting and lay your props out before you put your baby inside. Like I mentioned before, your kid WILL throw a fit. And unless you want only crying photos, take them as soon as they sit down.

Hope these tips help you to have some Pinterest worthy baby pumpkin photos!


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