Pinterest in Real Life – Fleece Dog Toy

IMG_4210If you’re a crafter like me, you always have left over fabric. Instead of throwing it away because it’s too short to use on bigger projects, I recycle them. Here’s a super simple pet toy you can create from your scrapped fabric.





Heavy Duty String



  1. Take your fabric and cut into thin strips. The length of the strip varies on the size of puff toy you want to create. I have a small dog so I cut in to 1/2 inch strips.



2. Stack or line up all the strips. The more fabric, the bigger the puff.

3. Tie the string around the center and tighten. Continue process until fabric is completely wrapped.IMG_4209


4. Pull and peel the layers to create a fluffy ball.

Viola! Now you’ve got a fun pet toy in less than five minutes.

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