Life’s Roadmap

footprints-in-the-sand-163312I notice myself getting overwhelmed with wedding plans and finding a place to live. The holidays are meant to be amazing and “the best time of the year.” It’s hard to enjoy a stress free winter when you’re planning your near future. But just when I was on the brink of drowning, the almighty King swooped in and saved the day.

Many times, I just pray for guidance. I pray that God guides me to where I need to be. What I forget many times, is using a map to get there. But what does a map for driving the roads of life look like, you may ask? Well, my friends, God loves us so much and wants us to succeed that he has given us the Bible. This amazing book of life not only encourages us and teaches us history, it’s the road map for getting home!

God will be there through every twist and turn and even the bumpiest parts of your journey.

“For that is what God is like.
    He is our God forever and ever,
    and he will guide us until we die.” Psalm 48:14


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