Many Types of Love

heart“Love” is sprinkled through out the entire bible. Love is defined as the second most important commandment from God. (Matt 22:39)

But when reflecting on a direct translation of the Word, “Love” is broken into three different greek synonyms: Eros, Agape and Phileo. So what do they all mean?

Eros: Longing and Desire
This is most associated in romantic relationships. It is the physical attraction to another.

Agape: the divine-love of the Lord
This type of love if unconditional and unbreakable. It is not based on fluctuating feelings. The best example of this is Jesus dying to save all of God’s people.

Phileo: Loving one another as a friend, brother or sister
This is the love you have for your friends and even best friends. It is created by shared experiences with others.

Of all these types of love, God calls us to have Agape love towards others. This is the only Godly type of love.

Are you practicing this type of love?

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