30 Days of Creativity – Day 6: Creating

4play-Heart-vs-Mind2Today’s prompts:

  • When I create from my heart…
  • When I create from my head…
  • The difference between creating from my heart and my head is…
  • What I’ve learned about heart vs. head creating is…

When I create from my heart I’m empowered by my emotions. I let the way I feel dictate my interpretation of a situation or memory. Whether my art is words, colors or images, what releases from my fingertips is a direct reflection of my inner workings. On days when the world seems to be perfect, my heart might expel vibrant reds and oranges or pinks and purples. The characters will form in a rounded welcoming design. But when the day seems dark, my heart only shows blues and blacks, grays and whites. The best days are when I can channel a kaleidoscope of emotions to create a holistic piece.

When I create from my head I’m not basing my drive on myself. Instead, I’m focusing on everyone else’s opinion. Are my lines straight enough? Do my words carry enough power? Will I inspire someone with my creation? I limit my creative freedom. It’s almost as if it becomes a job rather than a passion. And when I think with my head, I may make logic decisions and follow strict rules, but now matter how well the piece turns out, it will never reflect me.

heartThe difference between creating from my heart and my head is understanding what drives me. Brains are logical and try to figure everything out to the smallest degree. Hearts just want to express themselves and FEEL rather than KNOW. It’s a battle of being true to one’s self.

What I’ve learned about heart vs. head creating is although I may look at things logically, I find that seeing through my heart helps me to empathize. When an architect designs a building, he must always first look at the technical areas and measurements. He must know what materials to use for the height of the building. But if he forgets about what’s going on inside and the living part of the building, it will never be complete. It’s people with beating hearts that will fill that building and bring it to life. It’s not the furniture or decorative ceilings, it’s the laughing, the crying, the frustrations and accomplishments that will make this building memorable.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21

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