30 Days of Creativity: Day 4 – Childhood


Today’s prompts:

  • The first memory I have creating…
  • My favorite art supplies to use as a kid…
  • I could___ for hours, and felt so…
    • and this reminds me that…
  • The child artist in me knows…

The first memory I have creating was in the first grade. As I mentioned before, my teacher Mrs. Walker used to assign seasonal projects for students. My first memory was creating a construction paper penguin. I can remember using my pink safety scissors to cut out my birds orange beak, round black body and big blue eyes. I’m not sure what exactly my penguin did, but my story sat right on his belly. Funny thing is, my mom still has that penguin in a box.

My favorite art supplies to use as a kid was of course glitter glue. As a girl, I believe you’re born with a primal love for glitter. Not only does it make every drawing more vibrant but it covers up those childlike not so straight lines.

I could jump on the trampoline for hours, and never get tired. My oldest friend and I would camp out almost every weekend in the spring. It was the perfect weather. We’d jump all night, pass out, wake up and do it again. I’m not sure the neighbors enjoyed our shenanigans, but we had the time of our livtrampolinees. And this reminds me that trampolines have been ever-present in my life. I’ve seriously injured myself twice, broken ankle and broken wrist, but can’t seem to kick the habit. Hi I’m Brianna and I’m addicted to trampolines.

The child artist in me knows that all of my masterpieces weren’t created over night, but took years of practice. I remember as a child wanting to learn something new and practicing until I finally got it. Funny how this didn’t transfer over to my adult life. I expect everything to come naturally and don’t always enjoy the journey getting to my goal. But I’m teaching myself to remember, sometimes the journey is more important than the outcome.

“For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.” Matthew 7:14

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