Dirt Dog Las Vegas

Dirt Dog Gets Dirty in Vegas

Straight from the city of Angels, Dirt Dog is THE premier gourmet hot dog spot in Las Vegas. They have two locations- on the strip and in the Southwest.

Dirt Dog Flaming Hot Cheetos dog

During my trip, I unknowingly ordered the spiciest dog on the menu. This classic hot dog sat inside a lobster roll smothered in chipotle aioli sauce, Mexican style corn and topped with extra flaming hot Cheetos.

One bite in and my mouth was on fire. Note: if you have a heat sensitivity, order horchata on the side to cool off your pallet.

My husband ordered the pastrami dog. This menu item was basically a sandwich and a hot dog combined. The dog once again was served in a lobster roll but was topped with all your classic pastrami ingredients – meat, sauce, and cheese.

Dirt Dog Pastrami Red dog

The menu is as unique as the restaurant name. Every hot dog from the #housedog to the #dirtychilidog has an LA twist. Their sides may be just as good as the dogs themselves. You can choose from garlic fries, dirty fries, dirty corn, dirty esquite, and more.

Leave room for dessert! Choose from deep fried twinkies, deep fried Oreos, churros and horchata ice cream. We finally decided to give the horchata ice cream a try and it was amazing! It came with two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream covered this horchata syrup and topped with a freshly baked churro. Literally one of the best desserts I’ve ever had!

The restaurant is set up as fast food dine in style and space is limited. The atmosphere is very lively and they had the hits playing all night long.

Along the walls, the unique artwork transported you to downtown LA. Famous people like Kobe Bryant, Tupac, Edward James Almos, and Eminem has hand-painted portraits just about the tables. One of the coolest pieces on the wall was the map. Patrons are encouraged to pin their location to the wall and say just how far they traveled to get to Dirt Dog.

Dirt dog is open seven days a week at 10:30A at their southwest location and 10A at their location on the Las Vega Strip.

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