Dressing my Wizard: Harry Potter Baby Clothes

If you’ve paid attention to literally anything I’ve posted in the last eight months, you’d know my obsession with Harry Potter is a really thing. From nursery to daily clothing, my son is surrounded by all things Hogwarts. Here are just a few of my favorite Harry Potter baby clothes from his wizarding wardrobe.


Onsies are life for babies. And with how many times a day I have to change my son’s clothes, I need drawers full of outfit choices. I received these adorable long sleeves just in time for the cool, fall weather. They are perfect for lounging around the house and sleeping in at night.

 Harry Potter Baby Clothes

Don’t forget about the most popular Harry Potter baby outfit – Snuggle the Muggle! Every Harry Potter fan I know has this outfit for their kids. It felt like an eternity waiting for my son to be big enough to wear it. And now, only the pants fit him!


A wizard has to sleep right? This super cute footie separates are perfect for bedtime. My son absolutely refuses to use a blanket so long sleeves and pants are perfect for him.


 Harry Potter Baby Clothes

I literally lost my mind when I first saw theses hanging on the rack at Target. I had been scouring the internet tying to find unique Harry Potter inspired outfits. I was ready to shell out a few hundred dollars until I came across these. The set was less than $20 and are prefect for warm or cool weather. Since they are longer rompers, they’ve fit my son longer than most of his clothes.



Now, I haven’t come across Harry Potter bibs in the stores yet, but I’m sure they’re coming soon. I ordered these two from Etsy and they were super inexpensive and came very quickly.

As part of the Target Affiliate Program, I earn from qualifying purchase.

Baby Clothes

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