The Truth About the Mom Bod

The Truth about the Mom Bod

Fitness and being in shape have always been really important to me. I can remember as a kid going through my 5th/6th grade chubby stage and feeling not confident about myself. Being a chubby pre-teen girl was not as easily accepted years ago as it is now. No one bullied or body shamed me, but I was very hard on myself.

Thanks to puberty and learning better habits, I grew several inches in middle school and lost all my baby fat halfway through 7th grade. Since then, I’ve made working out and trying to eat right a priority. I indulge now and then on my favorite treats but I have learned a healthy balance.

When I became pregnant, I was very proud of my fitness level. I attended an aerial fitness gym several times a week, participated in fitness challenges like Spartan Race and avidly practiced yoga and Pilates. Luckily, I was able to keep up most of my fitness during the majority of my pregnancy. As my stomach grew, I modified my workouts and practiced more prenatal yoga. This focus helped me keep my weight gain at a manageable level.

Despite all that hard work, by the time I went to deliver, I had gained 35 pounds. Stepping on the scale was very scary for me. A few weeks postpartum, I had dropped 20 pounds just from nursing and naturally getting rid of excess fluids. Then, I was left with the dreaded 10-15 pounds that seem to take forever to come off aka the mom bod. That’s when I started working out again.

Getting back into fitness was harder than I thought. Even simple movements seemed to be difficult. My balance was off and my core was so weak. It honestly took a full month just to get myself to a beginner level. It was defeating to see the number on the scale suddenly frozen week after week. I struggled trying to dress this temporary body. Thankfully, I had a lot of encouragement from close friends and my husband.

To get back into shape, I wanted to do something challenging that wouldn’t take all of my time. So, I tried T25. And finally after a month of working out, the scale started moving. The inches started falling off and my cute skinny jeans fit! I didn’t stop there. I’m still continuing the program and eating healthy, but it’s not gotten any easier.

Scheduling work outs while working full-time and nursing a hungry baby is exhausting. Some nights I have to force myself to get on my mat and turn on the video. Many times, my husband will jump in and sweat right next to me.

I don’t work out for vanity. Knowing that I can be the healthiest for my baby is the best motivation. I know that my body is different from what it was a year ago and I’m working towards building this new me.

So, if you’re a mom that is in the struggle of loving your mom bod, I can relate. Every BODY is different. Some women lose everything right away, others, like me, have to work for it. Wherever you’re at, remember to love the journey and yourself. Find your why and focus on it. I don’t want to be that chubby little girl wishing she could be happy. I choose to be happy right now and fight for my health.

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