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Harry Potter Nursery

My little wizard in training has an entire Harry Potter inspired room to get him ready for Hogwarts.

I’ve been an avid Harry Potter fan since I first received my copy of the Sorcerer’s Stone. I collected plush barn owls, banners, clocks, pillows and the occasional accessories. I’ve been able to bring that magic to life for my little guy in his nursery with a few items.

Flying key mobile

This mobile comes from the Sorcerers Stone when Harry has to ride a broom to find the correct key to move forward though the corridor. I remember reading and watching this scene and being so mesmerized by the enchanted keys. My mom and sister actually created this for me. It’s a perfect and simple addition to the room.

Above the crib on the same wall, I’ve also stuck a custom wall stickers that I purchased from amazon and wall art I received from my baby shower.

Reading Window

No Harry Potter Nursery is complete without a bookshelf. I used a Hogwarts banner from my shower above the window and surrounded it with owls, House Point jars, scarves and even Harry’s glasses. I reused most of the props from my shower in the nursery.

House Banner

We all have our favorite houses that we must represent at all times. My top choices are Gryffindor and Slytherin. Throughout the nursery, I gave little props representing both houses. Currently, I have the Gryffindor crest hanging just about the changing table. It’s a perfect distraction for diaper and clothing changes.

Here’s a closer look at the custom wreath in the above picture. Someone created this for my shower! It has so many fine details; I had to put it in the nursery.

Platform 9 3/4

Every Hogwarts student must pass through Kings Cross Station to get on their train for school. My little guy has the secret passage right in his room! The platform sign is a wall sticker purchased from Amazon and the actual brick is leftover material from my shower. As a side note, use heavy-duty adhesive for the brick to stay on the door. Tape doesn’t love to stick to the paint on wood.

Throughout the rest of the room, I placed little magical details included a light switch to practice charms with and an owl post.

I’m constantly adding more as items come up. I’ll be updating this post with more!

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