Harry Potter baby shower cake

Harry Potter Inspired Baby Shower

Our little wizard will be arriving soon now and we wanted to welcome him with a magical Harry Potter inspired Baby Shower! From entering through Platform 9 3/4 to dining on Honey Dukes delights, this little celebration was straight out of the pages of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter baby shower banner

We started with the decor. I added handmade, and printed, details around the house to really bring the wizarding world of life. I created the above banner out of felt and card stock. I added little owls around the room as well.

Harry Potter diaper game

We even added a few traditional games with a magical twist. For the late night diaper game, every participant wrote something silly on the diapers and hung them from a twinkling strand of lights coming of out of Harry’s trunk. Once everything was hung, it gave a similar vision of Hogwarts letters flying out of the fire-place.

Every visitor was also divided into a house and carried a wand for the “Don’t Say Baby” game. Our Diaper Raffle was even transformed into a mini goblet of fire.

Harry Potter baby shower cake

Harry Potter snake sandwichesThe food was one of the main highlights. From a custom cake to Harry Potter inspired snacks, the menu was awesome.

We had a Slytherine snake sandwich, Hufflepuff chips, Golden Snitch candies, Licorice wands, Butter Bear, Poly Juice Potion, Ollivander’s pretzel wands, Professor Sprout’s vegetable garden, an owl inspired fruit platter, Drooble’sΒ best blowing gum, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Jelly Beans, Nimbus 2000 chocolates, Candy Apple muggle treats, and gummy worms.


I even left candy bags for everyone to take home some extra treats.

Harry Potter Treats

Every person was also given a baby mandrake pot to take home with them at the end of the party. We made this with real mini flower pots, chocolate cake and pudding.

Harry Potter mandrake cupcakes

What baby shower themes have you tried for your little bundles of joy?

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