An aspect God has revealed to me about living boldly is…

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sharing the gospel and my life with more people. When I was going to UNLV, it was easy to walk up to a stranger and invite them to bible talk. I didn’t think twice about asking my classmates or sorority sisters to a volleyball or sports night.

As I graduated and moved into the working world, religion at work almost felt taboo. So many people I’ve worked around live lives completely opposite of a disciple. It’s uncomfortable to sit in a conversation and feel isolated because I cannot relate to their wild lifestyle. Although rebuking in those moments isn’t the right decision, I struggle with trying to find the right place and time to share the word.

One new married couple at my church gave a great example of how they are reaching out and sharing the word. In their neighborhood, they’ve made a deliberate decision to get to know their neighbors and invite them over to dinner. By sharing a simple meal, the couple had the ability to talk about their story and how God brought them together.

Now in Las Vegas, getting to know your neighbors is almost nonexistent. You may offer a wave here and there but block parties are a thing of the past. This couple’s boldness to break those barriers has inspired me to invite more people to do life with my husband and I. We may not agree with every lifestyle choice they make, but that’s for God to judge not us. The more opportunities we have to physically show our scars and how God has healed them, the more opportunities we give to God to bring them home.

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