Baby’s First Image Las Vegas

3D and 4D ultrasounds are such an awesome experience to have during pregnancy. With so many places to choose from in town, it’s hard to decide which studio is right for you. I was able to visit two different offices, one in Henderson and one in Summerlin, and I would highly recommend Baby’s First Image.

Wonderful World of Bree
Baby’s First Image 3D/4D Studio is located at Russell and Forte Apache, just off the 215. The studio has one tech, Maria, who has been with the company for several years. My family first met her when my sister was pregnant with her now 3-year-old son!

Maria warmly welcomed us into the comfortable studio. The lobby is small, just big enough for a large family to wait, but the viewing room was enormous! There was a large wrap-around couch and multiple comfy chairs for family and friends to watch your baby on the big screen.

Wonderful World of Bree

If your baby is anything like mine, it may take a while to get them to show their face. My little guy kept hiding his chubby cheeks behind his hands and feet. However, Maria was very patient and coaxed him to move a bit and  was able to show us his whole face.

The main packages offered at the studio include printed photos or a photo cd. Since my baby wasn’t photogenic the entire time, Maria offered to give us four printed photos and over 70 digital images on a cd without any extra charge! My husband and I didn’t miss out on any snapshots.  We even got to take group and individual photos.

Wonderful World of Bree

Every customer also receives a mommy package filled with coupons and samples of formula. If you’re looking for an amazing studio to get your 3D/4D photos, I highly recommend Baby’s First Image.


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