2017 Spring Pieces Your Wallet Will Enjoy

The warmer weather is on the rise, well at least here in Las Vegas, and I’m ready to break out the Sun Dresses and Flip Flops. Each year when Spring rolls around, I feel the need to restock my closest. Unfortunately, my wallet is not a big fan of my tradition. So here are a few staples I keep stocked for sunny days that can be reused for multiple outfits through the season.

Colorful Kimono

This is one of the most versatile pieces I have in my closet. I actually have a few that range in length and color. They are perfect for day or night outfits. Most of these are as cheap at 10 buck! Bet your wallet will be okay with that.

Neutral Sandals

Instead of overcrowding your shelf with sandals of every color, grab one or two neutral pairs. You can never go wrong with black, white or tan sandals. They will go with every outfit you have planned and last you the whole season.

Denim Shorts


Whether you’re the cut-off type of girl or not, denim is always in style. High waisted and low-cut come and go throughout the years but jeans always remain. Purchase or repurpose denim to use in this season and many in the future.

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