Food Feature – Kogi BBQ Truck

Normally I am no foodie hunting for my next perfect meal, but one trip to the Kogi BBQ truck at a stop in Long Beach, CA could change everything.


Kogi BBQ is a traveling Korean Taco Truck that drives through the streets of L.A. delivering delicious delicacies. Starting Thanksgiving 2008, Kogi has blown up so quickly they’ve even been able to open counters in Culver city.


My experience was nothing by extraordinary. There is always a line outside of the truck as customers choose from their extensive and inexpensive menu.


I had a whole plan to document every item my group purchased, but from the first bite, we couldn’t put down our plates. We sampled the sliders, burritos, burger and tacos.


The truck is always moving around and you find their next location here or follow their social accounts! If you don’t want to wait, schedule a stop or cater their food!

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