Five Pet Friendly Places in Vegas

Pets are family too. If I could, I’d bring my little Fiona and Smokey with me everywhere. And in Vegas, that’s a pretty easy feat to accomplish. So here are some of the awesome finds in Vegas that are perfectly pet friendly.

Golden Nugget Hotel


Traveling can be difficult when you have dogs. Many pets are self-sufficient, but dogs need a lot of attention. Luckily, fido can travel with you to Vegas and stay at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas! The hotel limits two dogs small – medium or one large-sized dog for guests.


Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar


Photo by Lazy Dog Restaurant

Want to take you fur baby on a lunch you’ll both enjoy? Visit the Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar located inside of Downtown Summerlin and Town Square Las Vegas. Your pooch can even enjoy a hand cooked meal and a complimentary bowl of water.

Town Square


Photo By LVRJ

Shop, play and eat at Town Square Las Vegas while exploring the pristine area. Town Square is loaded with rest areas in the center complex, dog friendly stores and waste baskets along every path. Town Square is also known to host pet friendly walks and runs including the upcoming AIDS Walk Las Vegas on April 23

District at Green Valley Ranch


Stroll through the cool air morning or night at the District at Green Valley Ranch with your four-legged friend. Enjoy food, shopping and entertainment with comfort of your loved one tagging along.

Red Rock Canyon


Take hike and explore the most beautiful scene Las Vegas has to offer. Red Rock Canyon is filled with trails for all levels and perfect for every member of the family.

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