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Goodie Two Shoes Foundation

Of the many non-profits and charities I’ve had the honor of working with here in Las Vegas, the Goodie Two Shoes Foundation is one of my favorites. This foundation specializes in providing children with new shoes and socks as well as other school essentials when available.


Good Two Shoes travels to elementary schools all throughout the valley setting up shop every Friday. The mornings begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. with volunteer sign in and orientation. The organization travels with a mobile trailer filled with brand new, name brand shoes. Volunteers are briefed on how the shoe sizes are organized and how the process with each child works.

Volunteers individually walk students to their appropriate shoe size and help them pick out the perfect pair. Additional volunteers are on site to provide socks and measure the children’s feet to insure their correct size.


This organization began in 2003 when  Nikki and Tony Berti planned a one day Good Two Shoes Giveaway. The event was such a success it was able to grow into the amazing foundation it is today. December 2 of 2017 will mark a huge milestone of outfitting 75,000 children in need!

Many of the individuals this group assists have never had a new pair of shoes in their life. Some of them may even be sharing shoes with other family members. Most of them don’t even know what their right size is.

I love Goodie Two Shoes Foundation because they mission is more than just giving a new pair of shoes. They give individuals the opportunity to make a decision on their footwear (many whose decisions have always been based off of affordability) and provide them with the confidence to go out in the world.


You can find out how to volunteer or donate to their cause by visiting here.

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