When I Stopped Working Out for Vanity

silksIt’s easy to get caught up in a “healthy lifestyle” that is actually unhealthy for your mentally. When I first started my workout goals, I based my overall success on what others looked like. I wanted this type of definition, this amount of body fat, etc. These goals quickly became unrealistic because my body has its own potential.

I allowed myself to become extremely frustrated. My workouts began turning into punishments rather than rewards. I had to take a hard look in the mirror and realize I was fighting myself. I had to change my view of healthy.

After much prayer and encouraging talks, I’ve begun actually living a healthy life. Workouts are meant to build you up and eating right should give you energy. There is no need to starve yourself on an insane diet just to shed a few pounds. Living healthy is all about doing something you love and getting stronger everyday.

I’ve adopted a new method of tracking my fitness goals. Instead of comparing myself to a photoshopped image, I ask myself “Did I do better today than I did yesterday?”

Find something you love and you’ll reach YOUR body’s potential.

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