My Big Day

12841189_1040905439323871_7836251346171117125_oI woke bright and early Sunday morning with butterflies crashing inside my stomach. It was my big day. In a matter of hours I’d be stepping up to the big leagues and don the title “Wife.”

All morning I attempted to stay calm and allow my bridesmaids, Mom and make-up artist to do all the work. I struggled as I watched the incoming storm begin to rain on what was supposed to be the perfect day for an outdoor wedding.

The limo arrived thirty minutes early and I lost my mind. Suddenly, I had no idea what I needed to bring to my venue, where my shoes were, or even how to breathe. Thank God my bridesmaids predicted my freak out and took over. I jumped into the limo barely able to wave a “see you soon” to my parents.

12791017_10201279234620793_6976804580365272383_nThirty minutes, several photos and rapping sessions later, the limo pulled by to my scene and I bolted through the wind inside.

My bridal room was decorated just for the occasion with champagne and hearts.

The clock ticked as last minutes touch-ups and photos began. Suddenly, it was 3:15 p.m. and there I was standing in my Cinderella dress waiting for my prince.

12191110_1127410733960097_4751705858217400362_oI closed my eyes as they ushered him in blind folded for our prayer. Tears welled at the sound of his voice and I fought to keep my eyelashes in place. We whispered our silent prayer to the King who made all this possible and parted for our few remaining minutes of the single life.

Moments later, my song began and I walked arm in arm with my parents. His eyes glistened with happiness as I exhaled down the aisle. Sound and every other guest disappeared as I walked to my husband.

Heart felt words and vows were shared, then suddenly we were one. “I Do.”

“Now presenting Mr. and Mrs. Alex Zambrano!”

The crowd erupted as we paraded down the aisle into our new life.12798872_10204825621314408_6513451196214400455_n

2 thoughts on “My Big Day

  1. Sharon E. Baker says:

    Bre, it was nice of you to share your thoughts before your wedding. You were a beautiful bride. We were so happy we could see it on our IPad . It was lovely. We pray God’s blessings on both of you and your marriage. Love grandma and grandpa Baker.

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