Putting First Things First


Life can get overwhelming really quickly, but God wants us to enjoy every moment of it. He doesn’t want us to be bogged down or drowning because we’re stretching ourselves too thin.

Here are easy solutions to do when you feel over whelmed and how to avoid the stress.

Throw Up on Paper

Begin by writing down everything that is on your mind. This helps end the circles you’re constantly running inside your own head. Look for a theme in your thoughts. Chances are, several things will consistently pop up.

Find What’s Really Important

On that entire list of thoughts swimming through your head, what actually matters? If you’re anything like me, you’re planning a million things a month out. Focus your mind on what needs to be accomplished now and literally plan it out. Block it in your calendar and give yourself ample time to complete your tasks.

Learn to Say No

I personally struggle with this constantly. I’m a critical thinker and a problem solver and want to do everything I can to fix an issue. But, when I find myself trying too hard to fit an extra meet up in, I know I’ve gone too far. Don’t exhaust yourself to the point where you’re no good to anyone. It is better to do one thing with all your heart than multiple things half-hearted. (Colossians 3:23)

Take Time for God and Yourself

God promises to “strengthen and help you…” (Isiah 41:10) and tells us not to worry because our “heavenly Father already knows all your needs,”(Matthew 6:33 – 34). So take time to build your relationship with and let him guide what you should be spending your energy on.

Find that one thing (or multiple things) that you can set aside for “Me Time” to rejuvenate yourself. This time block is just as important as eating and sleeping. Your “Me Time” will help you to find calmness in the storm of your life and give you strength to take on the world.

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