Year of the Mamba: I’m 24!

image1Guess what day it is…IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! I have reached the age of 24 so I am dawning this the Year of the Mamba – and how iconic this is Kobe Bryant’s (the original 24) final yeah.

Although I am a proud LA Lakers fan, today I am not celebrating their team. Today marks the start of a new adventure in life. 24 brings so many exciting twists and turns. I am so grateful for receiving God’s grace and living another year. I truly am blessed.

2016 has started off as an amazing year and the many more milestones to come will make it that much better. In honor of resolutions, here are goals for the Year of the Mamba.

Take More Vacations – I can’t wait to take more road trips with my soon to be husband and bring as many friends along the way. I’m starting this goal by visiting Mexico for the very first time and hope to jump ship to many more exotic countries and regions.

Love More – When I think about what I want 24 to encompass, the word “loving” comes to mind. I want to be known for how much I love not only my Father in Heaven, but how much I love people. If there is only one thing I can accomplish at 24, I pray that I will be loving without fail.

Serve More – I’ve reached the point in my life where I have a grasp of what I can use my skills for. I want to serve others on every level. I want to devote my knowledge to assisting others, even if that means something as simple as crafting. Jesus lived to serve and my ultimate life goal is be as much like Jesus as possible.

Be an Awesome Wife – With zero experience, taking on the word “Wife” can seem intimidating. But when you marry your best friend and have amazing married couples surrounding you, I’m off to a great start.

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