Developing a New Identity

roadAfter completing a 30 day journaling goal, I’ve been avidly thinking about what I want to transform my blog into. For the longest. It has just been day-to-day thoughts and adventures in my life. After studying many many blogs, I realize the most powerful blogs have a resounding theme. They have an audience goal. I’m still in the midst of discovering what my audience goal is.

Ideally, I would want my blog to document that hard to find gems in whatever city I reside in. Being as I am currently in Las Vegas, I want to stay away from the typical highlights of the city (bars, night clubs, casinos). I’d like to pursue more of a community feel.

I began searching for a developed theme by focusing on my journey as a budding journalist, documenting my adventures in my first job. This however, has felt too dull. This might be more ideal for a job that allows for extensive travel, events and unpredictable work days. Although there are many events I work hand in hand with creating, I can be in the background most days.

In the mean time, I’m discovering my blogging identity by experimenting with the hundreds of ideas I have swimming around my mind. Guess that really is the definition of the Wonderful World of Bree. Hope you enjoy the journey as much as I will.

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