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In a journalists shoes: LVCVA Press Conference


Like any other normal work day, my day began bright and early with a long to-do list and and an even longer list of unanswered emails. On arrival, I padded through the overnight comments and requests and prepared myself for a journalists right of passage, my very first press conference.

This was no average UNLV staged conference filled with a room full of students eager to be the first to ask questions. This press conference featured all the big wigs of downtown including Mayor Carolyn Goodman and downtown icon Oscar Goodman.

Located in the heart of downtown at the 3rd Street Stage, executives alike from neighboring properties and businesses gathered to announce plans for the 2015 Society of American Travel Writers convention.

I’d witness one of the most important announcements for downtown Las Vegas in 2015. Yet, the best part wasn’t the environment of hard working executives and downtown project transformers. The most revolutionary moment of the half hour long conference was greeting Oscar Goodman (for the second time in three months) and hearing him deliver another unforgettable speech.

Filled with humor, charisma and his classic martini, I stood stunned at this amazing opportunity I’d been given. For your average person, this may seem like just another day. But for a budding journalist bursting to make her mark on the world, this was a historic moment in her blossoming role as a professional.

Here’s the video of Oscars speech.

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