More than just snazzy hats



Jazzy guitar and single tub drum sound off the entrance to one of the most unique hats stores in LINQ Las Vegas.
From paper boy hats to fedoras and even the retro sun hats, Goorin Hats has every century of style to please every customer.

At first glance, the shop seems over crowded. It’s practically impossible to see the shelves filled with merchandise. But once you’ve crossed the threshold, you’ve entered the magical world of the Goorin Bros.

“Welcome! Take you time exploring the store and yes you can try everything on,” the chipper clerk chimed.

Matt and Josh Goorin own this unique hat shop filled with years of family history.

“It’s a family business handed down from to us.”

The first Goorin hat was sold off of a horse and cart in Philadelphia in 1895. Even then, the hospitality was at its highest. Every customer was treated like family.

Fast forward to 2012 in the modern age of hat design. The Goorin Bros. recall a time when hat shops were just as popular as Starbucks lining every corner. Now, however, finding a custom shop is a diamond in the rough. Goring Bros. are working to revive the joy of finding the perfect fit.

And although the store allows for a fun dress up venture, it’s the two-man band on the porch that draws in a crowd. Matt and Josh play old timely tunes to the lively crowd traveling through the Tuesday night block party at the LINQ.

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