Water Parks in Las Vegas?

Two water parks are dominating the Las Vegans summer time fun.

Two water parks are dominating the Las Vegans summer time fun.

With temperatures sky rocketing within minutes in the boiling Las Vegas desert, staying cool seems impossible. The City of Henderson and City of Las Vegas have come up with two water filled solutions.

Wet ‘n’ Wild celebrates is second summer of its new design in Southwest Las Vegas. This 33.5 acre space is filled with 25 different slides. The park hosted it’s grand opening in the summer of 2013 giving visitors acres of a lazy river, children’s play area and dozens of adrenaline rushing slides. These include Rattler equipped with 360 ft drop through winding tunnels (first of it’s kind in North America!), Royal Flush,  Constrictor with corkscrew twists and turns, Red Rock Bay wave pool, Hoover Half Pipe, Canyon Cliffs vertical slides, 260 ft Desert Racers slides, four story Zipp Zapp Zoom tunnels, Colorado (lazy) River, Paradise Falls home to paradise island and it’s giant tipping bucket and Kiddie Cove.

Aside from splashing up and down the slides, Wet ‘n’ Wild offers family events all summer long. Dive-in movie night offers family friendly movies that gives guest the opportunity to float through the wave pool. Fourth of July weekend the park is hosting an all-you-can- eat BBQ. 93.1 will also be hosting upcoming artist Katy Tiz during independence weekend. And for a great end to a long summer, Cartoon Network will be taking over for it’s Move it Movement Tour.

On the opposite end of the city, Cowabunga Bay is getting ready for is Grand Opening July 4th. This 23 acre plot brings summer time fun to the City of Henderson. The park comes from the creators of the original Cowabunga Bay in Utah.  With a 1960’s beach theme, Cowabunga bay will excite water enthusiasts of all ages. There are three different surf themed areas around the park including Hawaii, Surf USA and Surf Safari. The parks rides includes a 73 foot vertical drop on the Zuma Zooma, four person winding tunnel on the Wild Surf, Surfin’ USA slide racers, 600 ft of winding turns through Beach Blanket Banzai, Point Panic enclosed and illuminated tunnel, Rock-a-hoola 300 ft slides and Good Vibrations half pipe. The Bay adds even more exciting water adventures at the Surf-a-Rama wave pool, Cowabunga (lazy) River, Boardwalk Bay pool, Splash pools and Kiddie Cove.

These two alternatives to beat the sweltering Las Vegas heat are open daily through the summer months and offer discounts for group packages and season passes.

Check out my pintrest board for a preview of the amazing rides the park have to offer.

7 thoughts on “Water Parks in Las Vegas?

  1. Allie says:

    Great read Bree! Thank you for giving me more information about the water parks of Las Vegas. I have yet to make it out to the new Wet N’ Wild, for I am still sad about them tearing down the old one years ago. But maybe I’ll suck it up and go to this one because it sounds awesome. I am actually excited for Cowabunga Bay to open (whenever that may be) because it is closer to home! So hopefully all goes well this weekend with it opening finally. I get to go here in mid-July with my camp so we shall see how it is! Thanks for this entertaining and colorful read!


  2. evaleshac says:

    I love your post and I cannot wait for the new water park to open! My sister has already bought tons of passes to Wet ‘n Wild and she is so excited to take her husband’s nieces and nephews there this summer.


  3. Mick Akers says:

    Great info on both parks and I would love to go to either of these spots more if it weren’t for the overcrowding.

    These parks are great to go and cool off but the wait for the rides is unbearable sometimes.

    Patience isn’t one of my strong traits so waiting in line in the scorching heat makes the thought of going to one of these water parks a drag.


  4. erican says:

    I love how your pinterest board incorporates multiple views of Wet n Wild. I prefer seeing photos taken by regular people as opposed to professionals because they seem more accurate… like, I will view the cool slides “this way” as a guest, as opposed to “this way,” as a professional photographer in a helicopter. Great use of vantage points!


  5. elizar says:

    Is it surprising that I still haven’t been to Wet n Wild? Mainly because I haven’t found a day to go but after viewing the different rides, I definitely need to find the time. Your post was informative and I’m super excited for the new water park to open!


  6. Kristen says:

    Nice post! You made me even happier to live next to Cowabunga Bay. Wet ‘n’ Wild is a little overpriced for me, even with the discounts. I loved you use of Pinterest for this, too! It’s subtle, but I dig it.


  7. elenip says:

    What a fun topic to write about, no doubt the water parks in this city have been on my mind since it started to reach the triple digits a few weeks ago. Your profile of Wet n’ Wild is very in depth and I have a great sense of the rides and atmosphere of the park, which is hard to get an honest feel for just by visiting their website. Your pinterest board also gives me some motivation to get out there already. I didn’t get a chance to go last summer, so the your pinterest is definitely making me wanna jump into my swimsuit ASAP.


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