Ten Reasons to Love Fall

1. Firey Color Palette: Nothing beats the view of the ignited colors fall leaves bring. Browns, yellows, oranges, reds – even in the desert we’ve embraced this beauty.


2. Pumpkin Flavored Everything: I wait months to go basic white girl for some pumpkin spice latte. And this year, I’ve discovered as new love – pumpkin ale. I fully support an unhealthly love for pumpkin this season.


3. Movie Classics: Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, Halloween Town, Hocus Pocus – this season my childhood comes alive. I live for the 13 Nights of Halloween on the formally ABC Family.


4. Sweater Weather: In Vegas, sweater is not in your vocabulary for several months. This cool breeze blowing in with the first day of fall is all I need to bust out my cozy Autumn attire.


5. Decorations: Turkeys, skeletons, owls dressed as pilgrims – I may disappoint my budget these next few months. My house is not a home without some color leaves and a few plush scarecrows this fall.


6. Leggings for Days: Summer is too hot for my legging obsession. But the crisp coolness of the Autumn air is just what I need. Only my husband has seen the full glory of my collection and it is forever growing.


7. UGG Season: Need I say more.


Photo by Stylinity

8. Halloween: By far one of my favorite holidays. I’m that girl that begins planning her costumes (no that is not a typo) 3 – 4 months out. Now that I’m married, I’m so excited to incorporate couples themes!


9. Comfort Food: I finally have a logical explanation for my love of soup. Even desserts get better with the season. Move over ice cream and hello hot chocolate.


10. Daylights Savings Time:I lost a lot of sleep in my college days and strive to enjoy every minute during my pre-parent life. Thank God for this extra hour of slumber.


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